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John Lovell
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Leah Ann Lovell (Ririe)

David and Leah Ann Lovell Ririe Family




Leah Ann Lovell, daughter of Joseph Hyrum and Leah Ellen Radford Lovell, was born 1 Nov 1877 in Oak City, Millard, Utah and died 22 August 1948 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. David Ririe was born 21 November 1860 in West Weber, Weber, Utah and died 3 July 1919 in Denver, Colorado. They were married 14 Sept 1893. Eight Children were born to this marriage.


Leah Ann Lovell Ririe (1877-1948)

Original Ririe, Idaho Townsite

Click on the link above to see a picture of the original houses that constituted the town of Ririe, Idaho, which was named after David and Leah Ann Lovell Ririe.