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John Lovell

This website will chronicle the John Lovell Family in America. It will present John Lovell's life history, his families that moved to Idaho and his families that stayed in Utah


Above is a fine old portrait of John Lovell that appears to have been drawn with charcoal and pencil or perhaps filled in by hand with pencil or charcoal. Below is a Photograph of John Lovell.


Comparing the penciled drawing of John Lovell at the top of the page with the photograph above one can easily see that the photograph was the inspiration for the drawing. John Lovell died in 1881 so this photograph was taken before 1881, which means it was at least 122 years old when it was scanned for this website. It is badly faded and deteriorated but was restored with computer technology.

John Lovell was born 6 March 1812 in Worle, Somerset, England and was christened 7 June 1812 in Worle, Somerset, England. He died 13 January 1881 in Oak City, Millard, Utah and was buried 14 January 1881 in Oak City, Millard, Utah.

Wives of John Lovell

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Oak City Sunday School Picture 1880

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There will be a link here to a life history for John Lovell written by Becky Freeman.

Click on the link below to be taken to a Lovell Website with information about the Lovell Reunions and other Lovell information.

Lovell Reunion Website

When John Lovell was living in Oak City, Utah, he knew, and worked with, Thomas Morgan, John Whitlock Radford, and many of the families of their sons and daughters. Click on the link below to be taken to a website with a comprehensive history, with pictures, of the families of Thomas Morgan and John Whitlock Radford.

Thomas Morgan/John Whitlock Radford Families

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The Lovell Reunion in Idaho in the summer of 2003 generated an interest in the Lovell Family Pictures and Life Histories and resulted in this Website.